Commercial Asset Management

Having AMG manage commercial assets on behalf of the client bank allows the bank to keep the assets under its control but frees them up to more effectively manage their day to day operations.

Management can also be a cost-effective alternative to asset sales.  The typical results for assets managed by AMG are annual reduction rates of up to 50%. While providing these impressive reductions, our team of experts pays close attention to our clients’ capital, earnings and loan loss reserve levels for most cost-effective asset resolution.   AMG Management results are typically accretive to bank earnings.

For Managed Assets, AMG provides:

  • On-site account/asses assessment;
  • Credit/Collateral file “conditioning” to make sure they’re as complete as possible;
  • In-house Imaging of all pertinent file information;
  • Written Management/Collection Action Plan for each asset, updated quarterly;
  • Daily Account Management in coordination with Action Plan;
  • Opportunity for collection of Assets previously charged/written off;
  • Opportunity for collection of Commercial Judgments;
  • Meeting with Board or Regulators as necessary.

AMG will manage any number of accounts for a client.  Some prefer to start small  (1-5 accounts), while others may assign as many as 20 or more at one time.

Contact us or read our client testimonials to learn more about how AMG can effectively manage your problem assets.