Our Team

At AMG, we have a number of professionals involved in collecting and managing our Clients’ commercial problem assets.  While we don’t have space to introduce you to everyone, the bios given below should give you a good idea of our capabilities.

Richard. Managing Director.  A veteran of over forty years in banking and commercial lending, Richard leads the AMG team of professional problem asset fixers.  Richard is well-known in banking and regulatory circles for his aggressive and effective collection and resolution of Client bank problem assets.  He is well-acquainted with all types of loans and OREO and has been frequently sought after as a Consultant to banks experiencing issues with their problem assets.

AJ. Account Executive.  AJ has a varied background including retail management along with over 15 years of problem asset management and resolution.  AJ has personally ‘cured’ over $1,000,000,000 in problem assets for AMG and its clients.  He is especially versed in assets secured by income-producing properties (or OREO), and is as equally effective with other types of secured and unsecured assets.

Jim.  Account Executive.  Jim has worked with AMG and its predecessor company for over 20 years.  During that time he also has cured well over $1,000,000,000 in problem assets for AMG and its Clients.  Jim is especially adroit at managing professional corporate assets, and apparently stagnant real estate; although he too is experienced with other types of assets.

Janet.  Paralegal.  Janet is a key component in our ability to be effective for our Clients as in resolving their problem assets.  Her 15 years of working with a wide variety of legal issues means that we don’t have to depend on attorneys to accomplish many day-to-day legal tasks.  This helps us to be responsive to legal issues and helps keep our (and our Clients’) legal costs in check.

Ryan.  Sr. Analyst.  Ryan is a specialist in valuing problem assets.  His nearly 10 years of analyzing problem assets and their current and future value is integral to our ability to develop creative solutions for our Clients as we work with them to determine the most expeditious and cost-effective methodology for curing their problem asset woes.