All banks have problem commercial assets and these invariably result in reduced earnings, less effective use of expensive human resources, and increased regulatory scrutiny and supervision.  AMG is our clients’ prescription to minimizing and eliminating these issues.

AMG clients frequently need more than just improvement in their problem asset levels and asset to capital ratios.  They need capital.  A frequent prerequisite to being able to attract new capital is evidence that problem assets are “headed in the right direction” leading potential Investors to feel that their investment is more stable and secure.  Involving AMG in an aggressive and comprehensive plan for problem asset reduction can aid a  bank’s ability to attract new capital.

AMG uses a multi-faceted approach to fixing problem commercial assets customized to best fit the needs and types found in each client bank.  Each asset is analyzed and the most effective approach to achieving the client’s objective for that asset is set in place. Generally, there are two types of approaches we can take to fixing an asset for the client.


Commercial Asset Management

Commercial Asset Purchase