Who We Are

Acquisition Management Group is a team of extremely effective commercial problem assets resolution specialists based in Macon, Georgia.  Our focus is on helping banks cure their problem asset issues, restoring health to banks and allowing them to function at their best.   

We and our predecessor company (Acquisition Management, Inc.) have been around for over 20 years, providing superior internal and client problem commercial asset treatment and resolution.

Our specialists have over 100 years of collective experience in managing and solving difficult problem commercial asset issues. Together we have successfully resolved over 10,000 accounts/assets totaling more than $3,500,000,000.

Our experience spans every state in the Continental United States and we have successfully handled virtually every type of problem asset possible; secured and unsecured, from small dollar amounts to multimillion dollar account balances.  If a bank has a problem asset, we’ve successfully cured that kind of asset many times.

To address a common misconception, we are NOT debt collectors. We work with Clients and their Customers to solve their obligation issues in a manner that is cost and time-efficient, whether acting on our own behalf or the behalf of client community banks. For our clients, AMG  is the agent of change that allows our clients to cure their commercial problem assets (either through aggressive Management or by Purchase) so that they may more quickly achieve their corporate goals. 

If you were sick and in need of medical assistance, would you try to treat yourself, or would you call a Doctor?

Why not put our experience and expertise to work for you?